I have known John for over 25 years. We have often traveled together so I learned up close how seriously he took his health and wellbeing. I often thought he was crazy with those supplements and worrying about what (and where) he ate. As I got older and developed coronary artery disease (which required surgery and a new artery and heart valve, thank you Marlboro), rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid issues, I started thinking how strong he looked and how much energy he had and that it may be time for a change to my life style.

John helped me through my resistance to change with care and thoughtfulness. I often think of him as a farmer…planting seeds of change and waiting for me to nourish and grow them. Proof came in how I felt and my increased energy level.

At 75 years old I can honestly say that working with John has increased my energy level, improved my mental agility and gotten me back into the gym and exercising regularly relieving my arthritic pain considerably.

I strongly suggest if you want to get off that downhill slide, physically and mentally, give John a shot. You will be happy you did. You won’t get instant results but I can assure you that within six months you will definitely feel a difference.

Jim Violi

John Castella, Functional Medicine Health Coach, AFMC Certified

Working with John was a wonderful experience. He is so extremely knowledgeable about the interconnectedness of the human body, diet, sleep, hormones, etc. Not only did I feel I had a partner supporting me in making meaningful life changes, but I had a detective who looked at my health holistically and worked to identify the root cause of certain symptoms I was experiencing. John encouraged me to ask myself questions, not just about diet, nutrition, and lifestyle habits, but also about my relationships, anxieties, and other emotional aspects of my life that affected my overall health and wellness. I am grateful to have worked with John and to have him to this day as person who cares about my well-being and making positive life changes.

Sarah Fliegel, The WellNest Co.

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